Momentive Demonstrating Innovation and Productivity of LSR and Showcasing Silane Solutions for Adhesion, Coupling and Crosslinking at NPE 2018

Product demonstrations of Silopren* liquid silicone rubber at NPE 2018 highlight versatility in hard-soft design, multi-component molding and processing efficiency Waterford, N.Y. (May 2nd, 2018) – Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (“Momentive”) will showcase its elastomers and silanes technologies and solutions to engineers, product designers...

Product demonstrations of Silopren* liquid silicone rubber at NPE 2018 highlight versatility in hard-soft design, multi-component molding and processing efficiency

Waterford, N.Y. (May 2nd, 2018) – Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (“Momentive”) will showcase its elastomers and silanes technologies and solutions to engineers, product designers and manufacturers at NPE 2018, taking place May 7-11 in Orlando FL. Momentive, in collaboration with several industry partners, will be featuring Silopren liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) in a variety of live demonstrations to highlight the processing qualities and benefits of Momentive’s elastomer products for injection molding. In addition, Momentive will display its PEarlene* silicone master batches, Tospearl* and TSR microsphere resins, SFR100 silicone fluid halogen-free formulated flame retardant, Silquest* silanes, and Silox* and Silcat* specialty silanes.


The excellent consistency and processability of our new self-bonding Silopren LSR 4749 will be demonstrated via a 4 cavity production mold for phone stands at Momentive’s booth S29085 in the South-hall. The demonstration will be conducted on a PX 81 injection molding machine with robot axis from Krauss-Maffei. The turn-key supplier Roembke Manufacturing & Design designed and built the mold and automation. The servo-electric e-Flow 20 dosing pump manufactured by 2KM will feature a new CPP reader system recognizing the correct loading of A and B components. The over-molded polycarbonate (PC), Apec 1745 from Covestro, as well as the self-bonding Silopren LSR 4749, may be used in compliance with many regulations applicable to healthcare applications. This compact integrated manufacturing cell demonstrates state-of-the-art options for fully automated manufacturing of hard-soft combination parts for the healthcare segment.

Sigmasoft (booth S30023) will be demonstrating a two-component LSR on LSR molding with Silopren LSR 2670 in cooperation with Elmet and Arburg. Being a full system supplier, Elmet created a 4+4 cavity mold for manufacturing egg-cups and built a fully automated turnkey cell by integrating an Arburg injection molding machine with its own peripheral devices and dosing system. The special system concept allows for 2-component molding on a 1-component LSR standard machine with only one LSR dosing system. Next to the physical molding, Sigmasoft will be demonstrating the virtual molding of the same tool, allowing the visitors to better understand mold and cold-runner design and to observe the LSR during filling and curing in detail and slow motion. Momentive Silopren LSRs are well integrated into this leading simulation system.

Burteck (booth S30045) will be exhibiting a two component tool over-molding the new Silopren LSR 4050 on PC in a medical tube port application using a tie-barless Engel injection molding machine. The mold will use a servo driven index plate for 1st shot to 2nd shot transfer, and Kipe Molds Cold Deck / Micro Deck combo for the LSR portion. The exhibit will demonstrate the concept of using the 1st shot thermoplastic substrate as a tooling component for LSR over-molding.

The excellent performance of LSR for multi-component soft-on-soft molding will also be demonstrated at the booth of Arburg (booth W1325) in collaborative partnership with Rico. Here, automated manufacturing will be showcased with the molding of watchbands. The technology highlights primer-less hard-soft adhesion utilizing a softer Silopren LSR 2630 in combination with a 70 Shore A Silopren LSR 2670 will be highlighted. The watchbands are completed in an integrated assembly line with a closing clip and, of course, with the necessary clockwork. In a second application, Arburg and their collaborative partner Kipe Molds will utilize their new micro-molding machine to produce membranes with the same material combination of Silopren LSRs.

Dr. Boy (booth W2503) will demonstrate the productivity of Momentive’s self-lubricating Silopren LSR 3286/50 on an Elmet 128 cavity open cold-runner mold for single wire seals . These types of seal applications are often produced in high volumes and on large cavity tools. As such, a LSR grade offering robust and reliable processing performance is essential to producing parts with precise physical properties. During NPE this cell will manufacture upwards of one million parts; utilizing a flash- and waste-less, fully automated process.

In addition, the Ultra Clear LSR product line of Momentive will be on display at NPE: Nissei will be molding an optical lens assembly on booth W 923 with Silopren LSR 7070. Momentive’s transparent LSR’s are good candidates to consider in applications where transparent technical thermoplastics cannot withstand radiation or heat, or where the shape needs more design freedom than glass is able to offer.

“We are proud to showcase the innovation potential of our LSRs in close cooperation with our industry network of leading suppliers. The demonstrated solutions for multicomponent molding of LSR on hard and soft substrates with integrated automation confirms the high versatility of this product line” said Holger Albrecht, Vice President, Elastomers. “Momentive has paved the way for wide adoption of LSR technology in the automotive, healthcare, energy and consumer goods industries, and our newest product developments bring new functionalities and design flexibility for the next generation of creative part designs.”


Momentive’s silanes can help extend product life, enhance product performance and expand the usefulness of end-products. The silane solutions to be featured can promote adhesion, coupling and crosslinking to help enhance the overall properties of thermoset resins, thermoplastics and plastics.

PEarlene* silicone masterbatches

By modifying the rheological characteristics of the molding compound, improving its lubricity and reducing friction, PEarlene silicone masterbatches can allow an increase in fabrication efficiency. In addition to better scratch and mar resistance, finished components made with PEarlene silicone masterbatches will typically exhibit enhanced impact resistance and a lower coefficient of friction.

Tospearl* light diffusion microsphere resins

Highly uniform particle size, heat resistance, premium antiblock properties and low coefficient of friction are among the features that make Tospearl T resins excellent candidates to consider for use in various films produced for the food, beverage and packaging industries.

Silquest* silanes

Versatile and able to react with a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials, Silquest silanes can work effectively as coupling agents, crosslinking agents and surface modifiers. Silquest silanes have been used in high-strength crosslinked plastics, easily dispersed fillers, and resilient adhesives and coatings.

Silox* and Silcat* specialties

Used in conjunction with high-performance masterbatch formulations and stabilized resins, Silox liquid grafting agents can help optimize the performance of polyethylene pipes. Silcat silanes can help molded plastics makers produce differentiated products while keeping production costs low.

SFR100 halogen-free, flame retardant silicone fluid

A high-viscosity, non-toxic, silicone oil additive, SFR100 silicone fluid’s synergistic properties can enable lower load levels of non-Si additives, increased processability and improved mechanical properties.

Visit booth S29085 to learn more about the complete portfolio of Momentive Silopren LSR and other silicone elastomer solutions. Additional information is available at

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